Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mid-Summer Simmering

Just a quickie here.  Nothing outrageous going on.  Training is going pretty well despite the ugly heat we've been dealing with.  90's every day does not agree with me, especially with the humidity.  That basically requires my harder runs to be in the morning, and any other run that I don't want to turn into a grind.

I've been doing a nice amount of core work: situps, pushups, and squats three days a week.  It's kind of wearing on me as I've been building up, but in another two weeks I'll max out where I want, then it should get easier.  On the plus side, I'm as strong as I've been since I did kettlebells a couple of winters ago.  It'll help with the long runs, and especially with skiing when winter rolls back in.

I'm also sitting on a lot of beer in the basement.  Three batches of homebrew came to be bottled within a couple weeks of each-other.  Not at all a bad situation to be in.  Plus, when I get through enough of these that I'm ready to brew again maybe the heat will have passed.

Two weeks until Speedgoat 50k, and my chance to bump elbows with a whole mess of superstars.  I'm tempted to bring a camera on trail for some rare action shots, oh and the awesome scenery around Snowbird.  If only I had more than a weekend out there.