Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bad Lotto Week

So this week I took part in two different race lottos, Western States and Massanutten. I had no joy with either of them coming up goose-eggs. So I guess it is on to my third choice, Kettle Moraine. I'm excited to run this one, while at the same time being disappointed about the other two. No worries, it will still be a fun year. This does open the possibility of a rim-to-rim-to-rim in the Grand Canyon. So, I'll wait a couple weeks and see how the waiting list pans out, but it'll probably be something like Zumbro, Kettle, Voyageur, and Sawtooth next year.

Right now, though it's just comfortable base miles, and not working too hard. I've also been hitting a kettlebell gym twice a week. I figure it can't hurt and it will really help at the Birkie which is just around the corner. Starting last week, I'll be skiing once a week, too. I just went for an hour on Sunday, but I'll work that up to about three hours at a pop, just a little less than I'll spend on the course.