Wednesday, June 16, 2010

T-minus 10 days

Ten more days and I'll be about 12 hours into Western States. So far it's looking like the temperatures out there will be normal, which means kind of hot. It's still up in the air whether it will be a snow route or not and whether it will be a boat year or not.

I'm into the taper, which isn't as aggressive as one might think. 48 miles this week, then 22 next. No run longer than 10 miles between now and the show. I'm kind of riding a pendulum through this, at times feeling confident, others feeling pretty nervous. When it comes down to it though, I have a plan and just need to stick to it.

So, in eight days I'll get on a plane to Sacramento, hop in a car with my wife and parents and drive to Squaw. We'll get them into a crewing seminar, while I go out for one last run to loosen the legs and burn off some energy.