Sunday, May 29, 2011

Up next...Kettle

Just a brief post here, since I've been really lazy about this. I'm now into the taper for Kettle Moraine 100 Mile. There's a pretty big turnout this year, somewhere around 100 signed up, not counting the 100k and relay folks. Then there's the 38 mile fun run at night. The trails will be nice and busy.

I'm not sure what to expect at this one, I feel like the legs are back and speedy, but I've had some lingering knee pain, and the planter fascitis is a little feistier than it has been in a while. Based on my last few long runs, I don't expect those to be much of an issue until recovery time.

This will also be my first race running for Twin Cities Running Company, so I hope I do a good job of representing them down there.

I'll be tacking Kettle more or less by my lonesome, since my wife, who has been to all of my ultras can't make this one. But my good friend Ben has offered to help pull up some of the slack and crew for me a bit and run me in for the last 38.

I'm getting those fun pre-race nerves going on, but I am really looking forward to this.