Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Superior Sawtooth Splits 2012

MILE Aid Station To Next Aid Time In
0 Gooseberry 19.4 08:00:00

19.4 Beaver Bay 4.9 11:26:00 03:26 10.62
24.3 Silver Bay 9.9 12:23:00 00:57 11.63
34.2 Tettegouche 8.6 14:25:00 02:02 12.32
42.8 County Road 6 7.7 16:31:00 02:06 14.65
50.5 Finland 11.7 18:13:00 01:42 13.25
62.2 Crosby Manitou 9.4 20:55:00 02:42 13.85
71.6 Sugarloaf 5.6 23:15:00 02:29 15.85
77.2 Cramer Road 7.1 00:26:00 01:11 12.68
84.3 Temperence 5.7 02:03:00 01:37 13.66
90 Sawbill 5.5 03:26:00 01:23 14.56
95.5 Oberg Mountain 7.1 04:53:00 01:27 15.82
102.6 Lutsen
06:41:00 01:48 15.21


  1. Very cool to see! You were smokin' fast!

  2. Adam-
    Great race! It was nice meeting you at the finish (I was on the patio with the three little kids). I can't wrap my mind around how you move so fast at night on that course. What do you use for a light source?
    Congrats on another great race-very inspiring.

  3. Tony,

    Thank you. I use two Petzl MYO RXP headlamps. I put one on my head, where it belongs and the other around my waist. I've found they work really well lighting up the trail, and the lower lamp provides some shadows to help judge what is sticking up out of the trail.

  4. Adam,

    Thanks for posting your splits. I'm signed up for this monster this fall and came across your blog doing a little research on the race. Have you got any tips regarding preparing for all the ascent and descent? I live in England and the terrain is similar to the Twin Cities.

    Thanks, Andy

  5. Andy,

    You'll enjoy it, it's a very scenic race. Probably the hardest part to prepare for is the footing. The trail is mostly rocks and roots so it is very irregular. The ascending and descending really isn't too bad because there aren't any long climbs nor long descents, rather many short ones so your quads won't take a long sustained beating like in a mountain race. Since I live in the flatlands, like you, I do a lot of squats to try to strengthen my quads. I don't use any weights, but do a lot of reps.

    Good luck! And feel free to ask me any questions you have.


  6. Thanks Adam, greatly appreciated!